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Ayurvedic Treatment – Exclusive dosha-based treatments by Renata de Abreu

The Ayurvedic treatments at THRIV MedSpa were designed by Renata de Abreu and are based on the three dosha types, or bio-energy centers. Each person has a dominant dosha or combination of doshas that influence specific areas of health. At THRIV MedSpa, we will identify your weakest dosha and create a fully customized Ayurvedic treatment to restore your body to its natural balance.


Which of the 3 Dosha Types Are You?

Vata dosha: The most powerful of the doshas, vata energy controls basic bodily functions as well as the mind. When your vata is imbalanced, you may experience dry skin, anxiety and poor sleep. You could also find yourself more sensitive to cold, dry weather. To feel grounded again, the vata dosha needs warmth, comfort and hydration.

Pitta dosha: This dosha is in charge of regulating metabolism, digestion and hormones linked to appetite. If the pitta dosha is off-kilter, your body temperature may run a little hot, You could also struggle with sensitive skin, which is further compounded by feelings of agitation and hyperactivity. The pitta is re-balanced with regular meditation and calming treatments.

Kapha dosha: Kapha energy controls strength, stability, immune health and body weight. So if you notice unwanted weight gain, it could be rooted in an imbalanced kapha dosha. Your skin may become oily, and cold, damp weather will irritate your well-being. Stimulate circulation and purify your environment to regain a healthy kapha dosha.

Ayurvedic Treatment for Dosha Balancing

Our health and wellness consultants will identify your most vulnerable dosha(s) and recommend a combination of our dosha-balancing treatments for a healthier, happier you.

Vata Dosha Treatments

The Vata-Type People often suffers from dry skin, anxiety, insomnia, and may be affected by Cold/dry Weather. The Vata Dosha needs Warmth, Nourishment, Hydration, Comfort and Healing.

Vata Castor Oil Abdominal Pack

While a castor-oil compress soaks into your midsection, your therapist will treat you to a Detox Power Massage that activates your Marma points. This treatment is especially helpful in reducing abdominal swelling and improving regularity.

Vata Sesame Oil Ear Treatment

If you’re experiencing difficulty hearing or feelings of nervousness, this natural oil treatment in and around the ears can help bring clarity to your head space.

Vata ASHWAGANDA Scalp Massage With Shirodhara

This massage is for those with an overly active mind that may cause you to lose sleep or become forgetful. You’ll be treated to warm Ashwagandha ghee or sesame oil, as your therapist works your shoulders, neck and chest to restore balance.

Vata Ashwagandha Power Massage

Warm compresses of Ashwagandha ghee will help ease pain points throughout the body.

Pitta Dosha Treatments

Type People may frequently suffer from sensitive Skin and is often frustrante and affected by hot Weather. Pitta type minas and bodies are agitated and hyperactive, therefore they benefit from colina and calming treatments.

Pitta Eyes Bliss with Ghee (Netra Basti)

This traditional Ayurvedic eye bath features concentrated ghee to help reduce inflammation, improve vision health and promote relaxation.

Pitta Cooling Body Wrap

Using the calming properties of yogurt and anti-inflammatory effects of turmeric, this body wrap detoxifies and restores a healthy pH for aging skin.

Pitta Facial Triphala Mask

To tighten and tone those sensitive areas, this anti-aging skin treatment is infused with triphala, a mixture of three fruits native to India that have timeless health and beauty properties.

Kapha Dosha Treatments

The kappa-Type People often have a tendency to easily put weight and May buffer from full and oily skin. Kapha types are affected by Cold, dama Weather and need purification and stimulation to improve circulation.

Kapha Triphala Body Wrap

With the healing powers of triphala (three fruits) and rejuvenating nature of the body wrap, this treatment helps improve lymph circulation and digestion, while reducing water retention.

Kapha Coffee Body Scrub

The energizing effects of coffee will awaken the lymphatic system and re-invigorate the kapha dosha.