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With our range of massage services, we’ll bring your body back to its harmonious center. Choose from a classic Deep Tissue for muscle recovery, our signature Detox Power Massage for a deep cleanse and many more. Relaxation awaits…

Traditional Massages

Relaxing Massage

This deeply restorative massage uses smooth strokes and focuses on lymphatic drainage to ease tension and revitalize the body.

Deep Tissue Massage

Recommended after strenuous physical activity, our deep tissue massage helps initiate muscle recovery and manage stress related to muscle tension.

Slimming Massage

This body-shaping treatment combines lymphatic drainage and sculpting strokes to release toxins, treat edema and improve the appearance of cellulite.

PreNatal Massage

This specialized treatment for pregnancy lightly massages the stomach, legs, back and arms through gliding strokes. Releasing tension and diminishing edema.

Lymphatic Drainage

A full session is dedicated to ascending strokes that stimulate the lymphatic system and encourage blood circulation. Lymphatic drainage helps release toxins and treat edema.

Signature Massages

THRIV Massage

Developed by Renata de Abreu 20 years ago, the THRIV massage is a full-spectrum treatment option, which includes aromatherapy and a hot foot bath with shoulder and neck massage. You’ll finish the session with a full-body massage that features Shiatsu and Tui-na techniques for complete rejuvenation.

Detox Power Massage

The detox power massage is a unique combination of four Indian modalities with a touch of Brazilian creativity. You’ll start with a cleansing dry brushing (Garshana), which is followed by activation of the Marma points – where your tissues, muscles, veins, ligaments or joints meet. Your session finishes with a mix of Abhyanga and Brazilian slimming for the ultimate massage experience. To promote optimal detoxification, the warm Abhyanga oil is infused with triphala, a powerful Ayurvedic blend of herbs.